HiperCAM Python Driver

hcam_drivers provides Python tools for interfacing with the HiperCAM high-speed camera. hcam_drivers is written in Python and is based on TKinter. It should be compatible with Python2 and Python3.


The software is written as much as possible to make use of core Python components. The third-party requirements are:

  • My own hcam_widgets package;
  • astropy, a package for astronomical calculations;
  • twisted, a package for asynchronous programming;
  • autobahn, a package to use the Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP);
  • tornado, used for file server which allows remote access to observing data;
  • pyaml and configobj for loading config files and
  • pymodbus (Python 2) or pymodbus3 (Python 3) for talking to the flow-rate monitor.

Usually, installing with pip will handle these dependencies for you, so installation is a simple matter of typing:

pip install hcam_drivers

or if you don’t have root access:

pip install --prefix=my_own_installation_directory hcam_drivers

For more information, see: